Cell products of National Engineering Research Center(short for CPNERC), located in Tianjin Binhai New Area.CPNERC was build according to the State Development and Reform Commission " Development and Reform High-Technology〔2004〕 275" documents.CPNERC are Supported by the Institute of Hematology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and affiliated TEDA.Life Science and techonology Research Center. CPNERC engaged in the research and develop cell theraeutic products, isolation and amplification of stem cell in vivo, genetic engineering polypeptide drugs, aiming to accelerate the transforming from the scientific researches of stem cell engineering techinques and genetic engineering drugs into practical productive forces.In the support of Tianjin Government and the National Development and Reform Commission, the CPNERC, in August 2004, begun establishing the legal person company - Tianjin Amcellgene Engineering Co., Ltd., which was approved in October 2006 by the State assessment.

Since its foundation, CPNERC insist on independent innovation, adopt the advanced management mechanism, intergrate the advantages of both stem cell technology and talents, engender gradually a virtuous cycle of technology—talents--- economic development. CPNERC have the workstation for masters, doctors and postdoctors, with leading experts more than 20 people. In 2008, CPNERC was included in the “indepent innovation high-tech platform in Binhai New Area for the next five-year plan supported by Tianjin Goverrnment” projects.

CPNERC are equipped with advanced apparatus, 525 square meters of laboratory, GMP grade plant of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (including 10,000 production areas and test areas). Under the leadership of the professor Hanzhongchao, CPNERC adhere to independent innovation, fully utilize the superiority of China's stem cell resources and clinical researches, achieve in a number of international leading results. CPNERC established a standardized technics of stem cell isolation, detection, culture, expansion and preservation, and quality control system; built the world's first umbilical cord meshechymal stem cell bank with the of intellectual property rights of "human placenta, umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells and their construction method" (patent license No.: ZL200510015492.2 ) .

In the support of State "863" major project , the new stem cell therapeutic product---- umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell injection, pass the tests of China Pharmaceutical and Biological Products institute, qualified the new drug reporting and clinical trials phase. According to animal experiments, this injection has significant therapeutic effect for heart disease, nerve damage and immune rejection syndrome after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell injection open a bran-new treatment for tumor, blood disease, nerve damage, liver disease, diabetes and so on. Today, CPNERC initially possess to mass produce umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell injection.

Recently, many scientific research achievements of CPNERC won rewards ,e.g. Tianjin Amcellgene Engineering Co., Ltd. "blood stem cell technology and its applications", won the 2009 State Science and Technology Progress Award. Researchers published 111 papers in learned periodical and 76 times for academic exchanges home and abroad, exchanged of experts 141 people, provided industry training more than 1,800 people, cultivate 24 special talents, inbound 2 postdoctors, educate 10 graduate students

The development targets of National Enginerring research center of Cell Products / Tianjin Amcellgene Engineering Co., Ltd. are: to become world class leading center of cell product research, development, storage and application, directing the chain of China cell biological and industrial product groups healthy development and prosperity, ultimately benefit of the society.




Han zhongchao

Director of National Enginerring research center of Cell Products, Chief Scientist


The professor and doctoral tutor of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences / Peking Union Medical College, the Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program from Ministry of Education, the French National Academy of Medical Sciences Foreign Member, International Journal Editorial Board of《Haematologica》,《Leukemia Research》and《International Journal Hematology》.


Professor Han committed to blood and vascular biology and stem cell engineering studies, won a total of 18 domestic and international technology awards, including the National Natural Science Award (for a second), four provincial science and technology prizes, one French Academy of Sciences Roberge Award. He published 300 papers (including SCI journal papers more than 140 papers), edited or participate in writing six English monograph, six Chinese monographs, 33 patents for inventions. Professor Han Zhongchao created the National Stem Cell Engineering Systems: including The National Stem Cell Engineering Research Center Of Cell Products, National Enginerring research center Of Cell Products (Tianjin Amcellgene Engineering Co., Ltd.), The State Stem Cell Engineering Products Industrial Base, Union Stem Cell And Gene Engineering Co., Ltd. Tianjin Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell Bank And Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank. All these researches and inventions enriched and developed the theory of hematology and stem cell biology and engineering systems.






2004 / 2 / 18    National Enginerring research center of Cell Products, the construction of the State Development and Reform Commission's approval. (High Technology Development and Reform Commission [2004] No. 275)


2004 / 10 /18    Amcellgene Engineering Co., Ltd. incorporate in Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce in Tianjin. Registration No.: 1200002001704


2005 / 2 / 5    Tianjin Amcellgene Engineering Co., Ltd. established leadership team.  

2006 / 4 /24    CPNERC established China's first mesenchymal stem cell bank.  

2006 /10 / 12    Companies / CPNERC was officially approved by National Development and Reform Commission,. 


2006 /12    Professor Han Zhongchao, long been engaged in the blood and blood vessel disease, and stem cell research, in megakaryocyte and platelet diseases, stem cell biology and its applications, Drug Discovery and so on to make many innovations and was elected France's National Medical Academy of Sciences, Foreign Member.


2007 /1    CPNERC was officially launched a total designed capacity of 20 million copies of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) Bank, begin MSC storage, with independent intellectual property rights in China umbilical cord MSC source, which can be effectively frozen to protect, to provide qualified MSC donor for clinics.


2007 /5 / 24    CPNERC 's chief scientist Professor Han Zhongchao and his stem cell research projects won the second prize of Tianjin Natural Science Award.


2007 / 6 / 28    Company / CPNERC construction program was approved by National Development and Reform Commission, and received 20 million yuan special fund for state subsidies. (National Development and Reform Investment Development and Reform Commission [2007] 1168 article)


2007 / 10 /24    Independent intellectual property rights of invention patent "Human placenta, umbilical cord stem cell bank and its construction method," was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office (patent number: ZL200510015492.2)


2007 / 12/29    CPNERC got high-tech enterprise certificate


2008/ 1/ 19    The key technology projects of the cell product development and industrialization bear by Centre has been listed as 20 major projects of independent innovation of industrialization by Tianjin Municipal Government,.


2008 /2 / 20    Nearly 5,000 items ,after a year of operation ,has been successfully stored in the world's first umbilical cord stem cell bank constructed by CPNERC, beginning large-scale operations.


2009 /12 /23    Institute of Hematology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Hematology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Research Center of Life Sciences, TEDA, Tianjin Amcellgene Engineering Co., Ltd. joint study of "blood stem cell technology and its application" aquired National Science and Technology Progress second Award.